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Appropriate Plane39 viewsThis is the jet that was to take me away from home. Who needs patches on backpacks when you can paint the whole plane?
Counting Minutes75 viewsAt the airport with the family before leaving for Europe.
First European Photo59 viewsI hadn't even found my hostel yet (in fact, I'd just gotten off the bus from the airport to downtown in the new city) and I had to get some pictures of the castle and surrounding parks. Really beautiful.
Edinburgh Castle50 viewsHere's one of just the castle itself. Apparently, this park was a lake a few hundred years ago and they drained it to build the new city.
Edinburgh Castle Park46 viewsHere's another shot from the park.
New Town?61 viewsBelieve it or not, this is a shot back at Princes St, which, while hardly new by North American standards, is quite a bit newer than the Old Town, I guess.
Marble Tulip47 viewsSome flowers for me mum. So pretty.
Time marches on42 viewsAs this statue sits watching, the clock is chiming.
The Unknown Statue36 viewsWhile I did know who this was at the time of photography, I couldn't begin to guess now. Alas and alack.
Bagpipe'd Pie-er40 viewsI wasn't in Scotland very long before I ran across somebody with a bagpipe and an open guitar case.
The Radisson46 viewsSort of beats the one in Saskatoon, wouldn't you say?
Cemetary41 viewsI found out later this is actually a cemetary. I went up to look and ended up staying and reading a bunch of tombs and headstones. I found it interesting that they listed who bought the stone and the person's occupation on almost all the graves. And usually had a small retelling of their life/death.
North/South Bridge44 viewsThe bridge has a different name depending what side you're on. Much of Edinburgh seems to have two levels of road, and sometimes you'll come to an overpass 15 storeys up not knowing you weren't on the ground.
Closer40 viewsThis is a small "Close" (alley) in Edinburgh. Very hilly. Sometimes, there would be shops with their storefronts here.
Hilly Old Town33 viewsA view from the castle towards the hill of the old town.
Arthur's Seat30 viewsA view from the castle. I would hike up this whole thing (the top of the craig, up to the mound known as the seat, and then back down the trail below the craig) the next day.
Cool buildings38 viewsNothing unique here, just some neat buildings.
Rocky Road38 viewsThe city with cliffs in foreground, this is a fairly common view from midway on the hill(s).
Scottish Parliament40 viewsThey recently redid their parliament buildings amid, as you may have guessed, a lot of controversy. I actually thought the design was kind of cool, especially when you see the surrounding accents.
New castle42 viewsThis is the royal residence when they come and visit.
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