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Kunming to China


My first stop in China was the Yunnan capital of Kunming, a prosperous metropolis with a lot going on in and around.

Blog - Kunming Into China

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Dali Days


The old town of Dali lays on the banks of a lake backed by beautiful mountains and waterfalls. It was a magical place indeed.

Blog - Dilly Dali-ing

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Old Lijiang


Probably one of the most magical towns I've visited in all my travels, the old Lijiang is criss crossed with canals. Sit on a bridge and watch small candle-lit offering float by and soon you find yourself in a different time.

Blog - The New Old Lijiang

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Tiger Leaping Gorge


One of the most famous gorges in China may not exist in a few years as more dams are built, but it was one of the highlights of my trip.

Blog - Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Home of the second biggest Tibetan monastery in the world, 60000 monks and 3500m of fun.

Blog - Shangri-La Di Da

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The Road to Feilai Si


Almost worth the price of admission alone, the road to Feilai Si on the border of Tibet was a spectacular combination of canyon, alpine, and cobblestoned scenery as it climbs to over 4000m.

Blog - The Road to Fei Lai Si

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Mingyong Glacier Hike


Eleven hours of trekking brought us cross-country down from Fei Lai Si through an abandoned village and a second much more lively Tibetan one to a ridge along the Mekong river and finally at the foot of the Mingyong Glacier.

Blog - Mingyong Glacier Hike: Journey of Legends

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Summit Hike


Day two in the Himalayas was a walk up to the summit of a nearby mountain, as we moved from forest to meadow and finally rocky crag starting at 3500m and working our way up to 4700m.

Blog - 4660 Metres Above the Sea

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Yubeng Hike


A two-day trek to a Tibetan village named Yubeng started in rain and ended in the most stunning weather and panoramas imaginable. The village, life, and scenery made this a highlight of my trip.

Blog - I Trek, Yubeng

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Shanghai Schenanigans


Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in the world in one of the most ancient countries. Needless to say, the contrasts are fascinating.

Blog - Shanghai Byes (and Buys)

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One of the few cities in China with intact city walls, their 14 km length contain plenty of treasures still worth protecting today. And if they're not enough, an army of almost 8000 terracotta soldiers waits nearby.

Blog - Xi'an Aura

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My last stop in Asia and on my mammoth 2007-2008 tour was the capital of China, the home of the Olympics, and definitely a stop to remember.

Blog - Get Out (of) The Expansive China

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Random files - Asia
Small Shelter17 viewsTalk about a room with a view.
Leaning Tower21 viewsA very nearby bomb has left this particular ruin slightly less than vertical.
Cool Face16 viewsIt looks painted.
Cricket Match18 viewsWith some very tall spectators.
Swimming13 viewsThe water was not hot but oh-so-refreshing.
Dean Git Gits His Photo Taken22 viewsAnd here I am.
Showcase9 viewsEric and I show off the waterfall.
Ko Tarutao29 viewsA pit stop here to pick up a group. They were late and I would as a result miss the bus. But it was worth it for this and subsequent photos.

Last additions - Asia
Not Going To Miss35 viewsThere are a few things I won't miss about China. Rolled up shirts are one of them.Aug 16, 2008
The Flying Fox41 viewsNot to brag or anything, but this was one heck of a flying fox.Aug 08, 2008
Fast Way Down39 views20 minutes walking or a Flying Fox trip to the bottom? Decision made.Aug 08, 2008
Back at the Bridge35 viewsThe Simatai crossing.Aug 08, 2008
Suspense Bridge36 viewsWooden planks are not the only thing near the end of their ropes.Aug 08, 2008
View of Simatai32 viewsIn the upper left you can see the bridge and lake that mark Simatai, the end of my journey.Aug 08, 2008
Final Towers34 viewsIf you look in the distance you can see the wall goes on but my destination is at the bottom of that valley.Aug 08, 2008
Reclaiming the Wall32 viewsIt came from the Earth and the planet wants it back. Weeds have taken over a thousand years but they're breaching China's defences.Aug 08, 2008