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Portland Portage


Mike & I partake in a pilgrimage to the coast to see (and meet) Frank Black.

23 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2005
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Corn Maze


Towards the berry barn, a corn maze lies waiting to ensnare the lost, homeless, and more. We braved the field on a brisk October day.

15 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2005
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Random files - 2002
Seattle44 viewsLooking over the harbour towards and area we had affectionately dubbed Tacattle. Tacoma? Pfft. Sure.
Lucky Eric117 viewsIn his second celebrity sighting in one night, Eric also got his photo with Mike & Frank.
Diggin' A Hole29 viewsTo put a building in.
Travel Case70 viewsHey. It's FB's travel case. What can you do?
Side View61 viewsAnother shot of FB from the side, Berbati's Pan.
Banff Tower17 viewsA big water tower coming up on Banff.
Art To Go23 viewsIt was a really nice piece, but probably not long for this world.
The winner51 viewsNot being distracted by pretty scenery, good photography, or properly fitting clothes, the judges favour Dean by a narrow margin.

Last additions - 2002
Sacrified44 viewsWith Cortland given to the corn people, the rest of the adventurers could flee to safety.Jan 04, 2005
Followed48 viewsMariah was not alone in her escape. She was being followed.Jan 04, 2005
An Idea45 viewsMariah has an idea for escape. Offer the corn a human sacrifice.Jan 04, 2005
Trysten on the scene46 viewsHe's not cutting corners, but he's determined to find the escapees.Jan 04, 2005
Mariah Cuts Corners44 viewsTired of being lost, and having lost her corn to Catie, Mariah decides to forge her own path.Jan 04, 2005
Hungry48 viewsThe girls give in to hunger and fight over an ear of corn in a corn field. You have to ration.Jan 04, 2005
Still No Progress44 viewsWould we be forever lost in a sea of corn?Jan 04, 2005
Uncle Russ' Idea47 views"We go undercover. Become friendly with the corn. Try to find out who's got the exit from the inside."Jan 04, 2005