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05 - Feb 19 - Dean Thinks This Is The Perfect Place For His New Porno.JPG
Flourescent Green Dean98 viewsDean poses on location for his upcoming porno feature - set in the late 80s, of course.
18 - Feb 19 - Bye Bye Tan.jpg
Two Pale GIrls79 viewsThe quickest way to lose your tan in Mexico.
14 - Feb 19 - Biting Sound Here Close.jpg
Aquamarina Girls62 viewsSoaking up some rays.
99E - Feb 23 - Erika & Dean.jpg
Erika & Dean53 viewsAs she exclaims, "Aw man, another picture?!"
25 - Feb 19 - The Thought Of Another Buffet Was Too Much For Dean mod.jpg
Self-Portrait46 viewsThe thought of another buffet meal was too much for poor Dean.
17 - Feb 19 - Cant Quite Get Up.jpg
Rising From The Grave45 viewsThey couldn't quite get up. But they were trying, consarn it.
04 - Feb 19 - Johns Reverse Titanic.JPG
John's Reverse Titanic41 viewsWhy he was facing the road, nobody will ever know.
99C - Feb 23 - Me, Erika, Jesus.jpg
Dean & Entertainers41 viewsNote the lack of smiles. John, you'd never make it as a photographer! :)
07 - Feb 19 - The Non-Snobby Beach Group & Danny.JPG
The Non-Snobby Beach Group & Danny40 viewsSure, some of the crew at the beach would hardly give us two words edgewise, but it wasn't these guys.
13 - Feb 19 - This Will Be A Great Place For My New Town.jpg
Prospecting39 viewsLooking for love or the place to put his new town?
99D - Feb 23 - At Least I Make My People Smile.jpg
Big smiles!39 viewsThat's right.
19 - Feb 19 - White Sand, Blue Water.jpg
The Beach36 viewsWhite sand, blue water, and a darkening sky.
99B - Feb 23 - Casino Auction Courtesy of Erika & Jesus.jpg
Casino Auction Action36 viewsCourtesy our fabulous entertainment crew.
35 - Feb 20 - Aquamarina From The Water.jpg
Aquamarina on the Sea34 viewsOur hotel from the water as the diveboat speeds me away to nausea and underwater adventure.
15 - Feb 19 - Human Heads Were Not Uncommon At Our Resort.jpg
Dismembered?32 viewsHuman heads were not uncommon at our particular resort.
21 - Feb 19 - Making Their Way To The Silver City.jpg
Tracking Females31 viewsOK, so they want to be chased. I'll track them.
36 - Feb 20 - Concentrating On Not Getting Sick.jpg
Concentration!31 viewsDean concentrates on not being sick. It didn't work.
62 - Feb 20 - Fabiola & I Making John & Erika Jealous.jpg
Dean & Fabiola31 viewsTrying to make Erica & John jealous.
59 - Feb 20 - All of The Following People Have Had Too Much To Drink.jpg
Hotel Group31 viewsAll of the following people had too much to drink...
12 - Feb 19 - Im Melting.jpg
Feet in the Sand30 viewsI'm Melting
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