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Peru's capital, Lima, is often ignored by travelers but definitely merits a few days - especially if you want to give your palette a workout, soar on coastal updrafts, or simply meet some incredible locals.

Blog - Limon y Lima

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Inca capital of the world, gateway to Machu Picchu, and a nice mountain town in its own right, Cuzco has it all in spades (and nationalities).

Blog - Flowers for Cuzco

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Machu Picchu


The pinnacle of most South American adventures, the Inca city in the clouds did not disappoint. Indescribably spectacular, mystical, and spell-binding not to mention an adventure getting there without a tour or guide.

Blog - Machu Picchu

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Arequipa and Colca Canyon


Arequipa, supposedly the sparlking white city of Peru, is also the base for trekking nearby Colca Canyon, which (at 4160m) is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon (though not so vertical) and just as dry and desert-like.

Blog - White City, Red Canyon

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Lake Titicaca


Lake Titicaca is often mistakenly called the highest navigable lake in the world and it’s easy to forgive the boast. At 3809m in elevation and ridiculously huge in size (165 km long, 8560 square kilometres, and 274m deep) such exaggerations are performed by your very senses.

Blog - Teehee! Lake Titicaca

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La Paz


La Paz is Bolivia's capital and the highest capital city in the world at 3700m. It is home to many interesting eccentricities, most notably the witches' market. It is also home to the most dangerous stretch of road on the planet and so we did what any good adventurer would: mountain biked it.

Blog - Death Rode to La Paz

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Bolivia has the most bio-diverse protected park in the world and is an excellent place to get your feet wet in the Amazon. Caimans, herons, toucans, capybaras, anacondas, tarantulas, and more await in Dean & Ty's most excellent adventure.

Blog - Bolivia's Slice of the Amazon

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Almost as an afterthought, Sucre has become one of my favourite places to spend time in South America; beautiful, full of lively and friendly Bolivians, and all around a great place to live. Fresh fruit juices in the mornings and Spanish classes in the afternoons are a recipe for an enjoyable stay.

Blog - Sucre is Sweet

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Salar de Uyuni


The high altitude salt flats of southwest Bolivia are an incredible and surreal place where white stretches to the horizon and desert mountains surround on all sides. I took a 3-day 1000km tour across them and down to the Chile-Argentina-Bolivian border and past salt water lagoons and more on the way.

Blog - Salt Plains of Uyuni

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Salta and Surrounds


Somewhat accidentally, my first stop in Argentina was the city of Salta, a beautiful northern town that was a complete and utter departure from Bolivia and would be right at home in Europe. Great food, drink, and times followed down to the incredibly situated Cafeyete for white wines and red hills.

Blog - Salta and Surrounds

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I didn't expect Cordoba to be much besides a party but then I didn't know that I was staying in a hostel owned by an awesome Colombian family. We feasted on Colombian cuisine, drank like Cartagenans, and enjoyed walking around a beautiful city full of culture and life (except for 1-5, siesta time).

Blog - Cordoba Crazy

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Mendoza was an unintentional stop on my attempt to Chile. And I reattempted Chile several times, tasting wine, hiking in Aconcagua, and visiting the mountains of Seven Years in Tibet.

Blog - You Shall Not Pass

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