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Back to CanadaI returned to Canada for my cousin's wedding in Fort St John, BC. This was followed a week later by John's bachelor party (for whom I was best man) and a week after that by a 4 day trip through southwest Saskatchewan with French friends Yann and Frederic and a few days later, John's wedding. And that's all just in the first month...
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Fort Saint John


After travelling Latin America for several months my first stop at home was the most northern point I've visited in Canada: Fort St. John and also where I would attend my cousin's beautiful wedding to a beautiful girl named Jen.

Blog - Northern Nuptuals

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John's Stag


After a lot of help from friends and planning from busses and emails abroad, the big weekend of John's bachelor party arrived. Pizza and visiting on Friday; golf, BBQ steaks, and Texas Hold 'Em on Saturday, beach, burgers, Risk, and Settlers of Catan on Sunday. All in all, a nice weekend.

Blog - A Farewell to Johns

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Big Muddy


Part 1 of The French Connection. I picked up Yann and son, Frederic, from Regina where we visited the Mountie museum and took them to Moose Jaw and then south to Saskatchewan's badlands: Big Muddy.

Blog - Southern Saskatchewan Circuit

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The third day of our journey took us along the Red Coat Trail, retracing the 1885 March West all the way to Eastend and Scotty the T-Rex before heading up to the eastern block of Cypress Hills and finally up and over to Medicine Hat after one of the most beautiful sunsets I have on record.

Blog - Southern Saskatchewan Circuit

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Hills of Cypress and Sand


The final day of our 4-day whirlwind expedition through Southern Saskatchewan actually started in Alberta's Medicine Hat and wove across the entirety of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and then up past a vineyard to The Great Sandhills before finally coming to a rest back in Saskatoon.

Blog - Running Back to Saskatoon

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Around Town


After taking my French pals around the province we had a couple days to look around the city, too - not enough time but we got to Wanuskewin, downtown, the Berry Barn, Putt 'n Bounce, and of course Athena.

Blog - Around Town

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South AmericaI arrived in South America by sailboat, Feb 10, 2010, in the remote village of Capurgana, Colombia. From there things would get bigger and more intense as I worked my way south through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile.
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My first 'real' destination in South America, Cartagena blew my high expectations way out of the water with its beautiful colonial buildings, lively plazas, salsa from every corner, and incredible Colombian people. My time was limited but I will be back.

Blog - Colonial Cartagena

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Carnaval is of course most famous in Brazil, but it is a Latin American celebration that's big in Panama, Mexico, and here in Colombia. The centre of the action was Baranquilla and Phil and I dropped in on the festivities with excellent results!

Blog - Carnaval in Colombia

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A really quick stop in this pretty and well-planned city, famous for its nightlife. The city surpassed expectations but the nightlife was average.

Blog - Medellin and Medellout

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At last we arrived in Bogota, where we have many friends living. It was a pleasure all too short catching up with them and a city not explored nearly enough.

Blog - Home Free Bogota

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I stopped in Armenia on the way to Cali to see Katie, an old friend that is currently teaching at a Colombian school there. I toured the nearby coffee town of Salento, her school, and played a game called Tejo involving stones and dynamite.

Blog - Dynamite Dean at Last

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Cali is a place famed for it's nightlife, girls, empanadas, and the Cadena sisters. I met the latter, ate the third, danced with the second, and partook in the first as well as saying bye to Phil, taking salsa and Spanish classes, and doing little else.

Blog - Cali Born, La Girls

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Southwest Colombia


Popayan, the white city, was the real start of my solo travels. Also, with a week of basically not using my camera, my inner-photographer was starving. Popayan, then Pasto, and the magnificent Sanctuario de las Lajas satiated that hunger perfectly.

Blog - Down and Out of Colombia

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My first stop in Ecuador was a delightful small city in the eastern Andes where I arrived just in time to visit the famous Saturday markets and load up on Alpaca wool. From there, plentiful hikes through the countryside to small indigenous towns, waterfalls, and lakes awaited.

Blog - Octavalo Highs

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Ecuador's Quito is the second highest capital city in the world, clocking in at 2850m and also sits just below the equator. As well, it is a city surrounded my mountains, volcanoes, and is one of the most historic in all of South America.

Blog - Ecuador's Equator

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Cotopaxi Park


To get acclimatized for my climb to the top of Cotopaxi - the world's highest active volcano - I spent a week or so at Secret Garden Cotopaxi. Amazing food, great hikes, and views of Cotopaxi right out the window awaited.

Blog - Home on the (Mountain) Range

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Cotopaxi Summit


We set out at noon to conquer the highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi, and fought any number of maladies to reach the summit at 5897m above sea level. Possibly the greatest thing I have ever done.

Blog - Such Great Heights

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A small town perched on the cliff of an active volcano and a valley below surrounded by waterfalls, other mountains, and of course, the hot springs for which it is named.

Blog - Finding the Baños

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Random files - 2010
12 viewsBruna's store in downtown.
30 viewsThe streets of Getsemani, the area where we were staying.
10 viewsMe, spoiling the view.
45 viewsFrederic chilling out on the old train bridge.
28 viewsJohn and Steve help with the hamburger fixings.
28 viewsMore religious statues.
16 viewsJust hanging around.
14 viewsAnother example of religious figures watching over Ecuadorian cities.

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359 viewsBeer tasting, Canada style.Sep 08, 2010
369 viewsAnd of course we capped the evening with dinner at Athena.Sep 08, 2010
350 viewsIt had been another long day for my French friends but they golfed with aplomb.Sep 08, 2010
313 viewsThe castle.Sep 08, 2010
303 viewsFred takes a putt.Sep 08, 2010
335 viewsWho knew the French were so competitive at minigolf??Sep 08, 2010
322 viewsEvening stop: Putt 'n Bounce.Sep 08, 2010